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Tall, Silent and Lethal

Now Available in Kindle Unlimited

This is the book that will change it all…

Never again…

Christofer lives by those words while Cloe would rather die by them……..

Too many years living on the run, of always being seen as nothing more than a monster and a freak, has left Christofer cold and distant. He hates his life, his fate, but he’s made promises and nothing on earth will stop him from keeping them….

Except for the woman that invades his world, takes him by surprise, aggravates him, gives him hope and makes him wish that things could be different, but they can’t…….

Not unless he’s willing to risk everything.

Cloe doesn’t need anyone, doesn’t want any complications, but things quickly change when she accepts a job that destroys her world and brings her the one thing that she never thought she’d find again….


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He closed his eyes and listened. He heard two heartbeats. One on the first floor, which was Marta’s and the other was on the second floor, which meant that Cloe had made herself at home.

Oh, hell no….

He took the back stairs two at time and raced towards the sound of her heartbeat. It came from a closed door at the end of the hallway. Without slowing down, he threw the door open and quickly stumbled forward, tripping over his own two feet from the sight that greeted him.

“Don’t you knock?” Cloe snapped as she grabbed a towel to hold up in front of her.

He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing would come out. His eyes were fixed on that damn towel that she was now using to cover up heaven. He glared at the damn thing, willing it to drop or shift to the side a foot or two so he could see that beautiful body again. Large breasts tipped with dark pink nipples, a flat stomach with just the slightest swell, wide hips and soft (he was willing to bet his life they were soft) butterscotch curls between her legs that were just begging for his devotion and he would give it too.

“The towel’s not going to disappear and I’m not dropping it.”

She couldn’t know that for sure, he decided as his gaze on the towel intensified. For another moment he stared, more like silently pleaded for it to move.

“You really need to get laid,” she said dryly.

His eyes snapped up to hers. Holy shit! Was that an offer?

Cloe rolled her eyes as she managed to wrap the towel around herself and tucked it in between her breasts without giving him a show.


“Is there something that you wanted?” she asked.

You. “I-I wanted to…” he stammered before his voice trailed off. His gaze had dropped back down to the cleavage that he wanted to run his tongue over and he was back to willing the towel to drop.

She sighed as she walked over to him. Thank God because his feet wouldn’t move and he was practically screaming at them to go to her. She was taking the initiative. That was fine with him. He’d let her set the pace and then he’d take over and probably take her on every surface in this room.

Cloe gripped his arms, tightly. Oh, yeah. He leaned down to kiss her when he was unceremoniously shoved from the room. A split second later, the door closed in his face.


He heard her soft laughter from behind the door. He stared at the door for another moment before he came to his damn senses. It was probably a good thing the door was between them so that his blood, well most of his blood, could return to his head. He was fucking weak, he thought with disgust.


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