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Never Again

Never Again cover

There could only be one reason why Quinn Jackson had taken her to a secondary location…revenge.

From New York Times and USA Today’s bestselling author R.L. Mathewson comes a new standalone romantic comedy with down-to-earth characters that will have you laughing out loud and leave you with no choice but to fall in love.

She should probably be concerned that the incredibly handsome man that she’d screwed over years ago had finally found her, and she was, but at the moment, Bailey had more important things to worry about, like how she was going to finish this project on time, figure out what her brother was hiding from her, and how she was going to get her hands on more caffeine.

That was going to be a problem with her brother hiring Quinn to watch her every move, but that was fine because she had a plan, one that, unfortunately for her, didn’t exactly go the way that she’d hoped.

And now…

She had no choice but to take matters into her own hands and figure out who’d betrayed her before it was too late.

Quinn would do anything to keep her safe and Bailey…

Had absolutely no idea that she was in danger.

He’d waited so long for this moment and now that it was here, he wanted to savor it, but that wasn’t an option. Not with the little caffeine addict in denial about all of those “accidents” that have been happening over the past year.

He never should have taken this job, but once he found out the truth about their past, he couldn’t walk away. 

Now, Quinn was left with no choice but to cross a line to keep the little caffeine addict safe. He needed to keep her out of trouble, tell himself that Bailey was just another job, and figure out who was behind the attacks before it was too late and if he couldn’t…

He would never survive.

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She should probably be concerned that she was being kidnapped, and she was, she really was, but at the moment, all Bailey could think about was the fact that he’d carried her into Mary Lee’s Coffee Shop.

When he placed her down on her feet, Bailey sighed with satisfaction as she turned around and faced the incredibly nervous woman waiting to take her order. With an absently murmured “Thank you” to the man that kidnapped her, she focused on the task at hand.

Getting her greedy little hands on more caffeine before Nathan realized where she was and put a stop to it.

“Can I please have two large caramel coffees with four sugars and extra caramel sauce?” Bailey asked with a hopeful smile as she watched the woman standing behind the counter noticeably swallow as she sent a questioning look at her manager, who Bailey couldn’t help but notice kept sending hopeful glances towards the Haven Technologies’ building across the street.

“S-Sure,” the cashier said as she reluctantly rang up her order right around the time that Bailey realized that she was being rude.

“Do you want anything?” Bailey asked her kidnapper, unable to take her eyes off the cashier, afraid that if she did that, she would disappear along with her only hopes of getting more caffeine today.

“Medium black coffee,” came the coldly spoken answer that had Bailey absently nodding as she reached for her money only to realize that she didn’t have any.

Before she could ask her kidnapper for a small loan, he was reaching past her and placing a twenty-dollar bill on the counter. “Thank you,” Bailey said, licking her lips anxiously as she watched the manager give up waiting for Nathan to put a stop to this and set to work making their drinks. She really didn’t think that she was going to be able to drink both coffees before Nathan finally showed up, but she was going to try. It had been so long since she had the delicious bitter-sweet treat, and now that she’d had a taste, she was determined to get her hands on more.

The manager barely managed to put the first cup of caramel coffee on the counter when Bailey had her greedy little hands wrapped around it and was taking her first sip as she closed her eyes on a dreamy sigh and enjoyed the delicious hot liquid that soothed her very soul. God, she could live off this stuff, but that wasn’t an option, not after what happened at the last Christmas party with that elf. It didn’t matter how many times she’d apologized for that simple misunderstanding, they were still determined to keep her away from caffeine.

But no more, Bailey decided with a firm nod as she opened her eyes and realized that she had a few questions for her kidnapper. One, of course, was wondering why he was suddenly caging her in against the counter. The other, which was just as important, was wondering why he looked so pissed. She should definitely be concerned about that, Bailey thought as she enjoyed another sip of coffee. The last, and in no way less important, was wondering why he looked so familiar.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this moment?” the man that she’d somehow managed to piss off demanded through clenched teeth, making her blink because she’d never actually seen someone manage to do that before. While she considered his question, Bailey took another sip as she ran her gaze over him, taking in his short, jet-black hair, the thick scar above his eyebrow, a pair of intense gray eyes, the firm set of his jaw on his incredibly handsome face, the fact that he had at least ten inches on her and an obscene amount of muscle and found herself wondering if he was going to finish his coffee.

“Do you mind if I have that?” Bailey asked with a hopeful smile as she gestured to his untouched cup of coffee.

Keeping his eyes locked with hers, he reached over and grabbed the coffee and took a sip as she felt her shoulders slump in disappointment. She knew that she shouldn’t pout, but she couldn’t help it. With a sad sigh, Bailey took a sip of her coffee as she did her best to figure out what she did to piss him off.

“You have no idea who I am, do you?” he asked, narrowing his eyes on her when she reluctantly shook her head, not really sure that admitting that was a good idea. Nodding, he took one last sip of his coffee before placing it back on the counter and leaned down until his mouth was next to her ear and said the magical words that brought it all back.

“Do you like puppies?”

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