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Another Christmas from Hell's Honeymoon from Hell

Coming in 2023

Now that Bryce finally married the love of his life, he’s determined to show Cayley just how much she means to him by doing the one thing that he promised himself that he would never do.

He’s about to take his wife on their honeymoon.

Another Christmas from Hell Bonus Chronicle

A James Brothers’ Chronicle

“This isn’t going to work for me,” came the absently murmured words that had Rory reminding herself that she loved her brother even as her hands twitched with the need to grab that clipboard out of Bryce’s hands and-

“Why are you here?” Connor asked, sighing heavily as he leaned down and pressed butterfly kisses to Kylie’s small forehead as she slept happily in her daddy’s arms.

Blinking, Bryce countered with, “Why aren’t you taking notes?” as he flipped through the stack of papers fastened to his clipboard while Connor glared at him as he continued kissing their baby girl’s forehead.

“We talked about this,” Rory reminded him as she reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose as she stood there wondering, not for the first time, why he was like this.

“If that was true, then I wouldn’t have been forced to come here tonight to go over it again,” Bryce drawled as he looked pointedly at the packets that he’d shoved in their hands ten minutes ago when they woke up to find him standing in front of their bed, glaring down at them with those damn papers in his hands so that they could go over his latest plans for the Dawson Project.

“It’s two in the morning,” Rory pointed out as she tossed the packet that she’d take a look at in morning on her nightstand, rolled over onto her side and prayed that her brother took the hint and left before she was forced to beat the hell out of him with that clipboard.

“Which is why we should go over this now,” Bryce murmured as she heard her husband sigh heavily followed by the sounds of him giving Kylie a few more baby kisses as she listened to him walk into the hallway and make his way into Kylie’s bedroom before he walked back into their room and-

“This isn’t over!”

-ensured that Bryce found his way out of their room.

Once he was done, Rory felt the bed dip behind her and found herself smiling as Connor wrapped his arm around her, placing his hand on the soft swell of her belly and pulled her closer as his lips found her neck and-

“You better not be touching my sister!” Bryce yelled from the other side of what she was really hoping was a locked door.


“I really hate your brother,” Connor said as he continued kissing her neck in the way that she really liked as she heard her brother stomp off towards the stairs. A moment later, she heard what sound like the front door open and close, letting her know that he’d given up for the night.

“No, you don’t,” Rory reminded him as she tilted her neck back, making it easier for him to keep making everything better.

“I really do,” Connor murmured absently, gently caressing her belly before his hand slid up her body and tore a moan from her when his hand found her breast through her nightgown.

“Would it make you feel better if I told you that I already took care of it?” Rory asked, licking her lips as she shifted back so that she was pressed against her husband and-

God, he felt so good, Rory thought on another moan when she felt the long and incredibly thick erection between his legs press against her bottom. It still amazed her just how easily he could turn her on. All it took was a soft caress, a glance, his breath teasing her nape, or the teasing caress of his lips against her neck as he whispered her name to drive her crazy.

She would never be able to get enough of him.

“And how did you manage to do that?” Connor asked, gently squeezing her breast as he shifted behind her so that he was pressed firmly against her bottom.

“I don’t know if I should tell you,” Rory said, unable to help but smile when she felt her husband’s lips pull up into that incredibly sexy smile that she loved so much as he gave her breast one last squeeze before sliding his hand down her body and grabbed the hem of her nightgown.

“I think you should,” Connor whispered seductively as he kissed the spot right beneath her ear as he slowly dragged her nightgown up her body.

“And why do you think that?” Rory asked, rolling over onto her back to make this easier for her husband.

“Because,” Connor said, pausing so that he could lean down and brush his lips against hers as he allowed his fingertips to run over her skin as he pulled her nightgown above her breasts, “I’m probably going to be forced to hurt your brother.”

“That’s understandable,” Rory found herself murmuring in agreement as Connor pressed a kiss against her throat before moving down and-

Had her licking her lips when his mouth found her nipple.

“What did you do, sweetheart?” Connor asked as he ran his fingertips down her belly.

“Things,” Rory said, spreading her legs apart to make it easier for the man determined to torment her.

“Like…” Connor said, letting the word trail off as his hand slid between her legs.

“I may have found a way to help the Bradford curse along as well as get revenge for all of those things that he did to make your life a living hell after we got married,” Rory said casually, only to feel her lips twitch when she felt Connor’s hand still between her legs.

“How?” Connor asked around her nipple, sounding intrigued.

“Cayley,” Rory said, but then again, it was all that she needed to say.

Releasing her nipple from his lips, Connor raised his head so that he could search her expression, looking for any signs that she was kidding. She wasn’t. Not even a little bit. Rory watched as her husband swallowed hard when he realized that she wasn’t kidding. That was followed by him shaking his head in disbelief as he mumbled hollowly, “He’s going to kill you.”

“Probably,” Rory said, shrugging it off and admittedly not really all that concerned, mostly because she was Bryce’s favorite. Well, that and she knew that he would probably blame Sean, which, if she was going to be honest, would definitely go a long way to help her with the next part of her plan.

“What did you do?” Connor asked as she reached over and pushed him back.

As soon as Connor’s back hit the bed, he was reaching for her, helping her sit up and climb onto his lap. Once she was settled, Connor released an incredibly sexy groan and hungrily licked his lips as he watched her grab the hem of her nightgown and pulled it off and tossed it aside.

Their sex life had always been incredible, but Rory had to admit that the sex when she was pregnant was absolutely amazing. If she didn’t think that Connor loved it almost as much as her, she’d probably feel bad about all the incredibly naughty things that she demanded that he do to her.

She just…

God, she couldn’t seem to get enough of him, Rory thought, moaning as she felt that thick, hard cock pressing against her through his boxer briefs. She couldn’t seem to go without him for more than two hours. Connor did whatever it took to keep up with her needs. He used his mouth, fingers, and the cock currently pressing against her to keep her satisfied.

He never complained.

Not when she nudged him in the middle of the night, he’d grumble incoherently even as he reached for her. When she woke him up in the morning before the alarm went off by wrapping her lips around his cock, Connor simply groaned as he let her finish what she was doing before he was reaching for her. Whenever she needed him at work, he would hang up on whoever he was talking to, quickly finish whatever email he was writing, or shove one of her brothers out of the way, sometimes off things like roofs, platforms, etc., and go to her.

“I took advantage of an unfortunate situation,” Rory said, nodding solemnly as she shifted back on Connor’s thighs so that she could trace the hard curve of his cock through his underwear, watching as her fingertip moved over his cock until her fingers found the waistband of his underwear.

“And what would that unfortunate situation be exactly?” Connor asked, sounding distracted as he watched her hook her fingers in his waistband and pulled it back over the large cock that had her licking her lips hungrily, freeing it so that she could wrap one hand around it.

“Sean,” Rory said, watching her husband’s lips twitch as his hands found her thighs.

“And what did the annoying little bastard do this time?” Connor asked, groaning when she ran her hand over him, stroking him from the base to the tip and back again.

“According to my sources,” Rory murmured absently as she shifted back to where she needed to be as she focused on teasing the tip, “Cayley is in desperate need of a new job and a place to stay.”


“Sean,” was all she said, but then again, it really was all that needed to be said.


“She’ll be calling you in the morning to talk to you about that apartment across from Bryce and the Project Management position,” Rory said, settling back on his lap and-

Tore a groan from her incredibly understanding husband.

“I see,” Connor said, groaning as her wet slit was pressed against the underside of his cock, “I just have two questions.”

“And they are?” Rory asked, moaning softly as she felt her lips spread over his cock.

“Does she know that Bryce will be her new neighbor?” Connor asked, groaning as he sat up and took her mouth in a hungry kiss.

“No,” Rory moaned against his lips as he slowly laid back down, giving her no choice but to go with him.

As soon as his head hit the pillow, Rory was placing her hands on the bed and moaning when the move caused her breasts to press against his chest. She shifted to get more comfortable, the move causing all the right spots to brush against his cock, sending pleasure through her body. Before the moan finished leaving her lips, she was moving, gently rolling her hips and driving them both crazy.

“That’s not going to end well,” Connor said, groaning against her mouth as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Probably not,” Rory admitted as she continued moving on him, loving the way he felt rubbing against her clit, the move teasing her core and making her ache. “What’s the other question?” she somehow managed to ask.

“Project manager?” Connor asked, making her lips twitch, only to tear a gasp from her when she felt him shift beneath so that the next time that she pushed back, he was pushing inside her.

“God, you feel so fucking good,” Connor said, groaning as his hands found her hips as she took her time pushing back so that he was slowly filling her, giving her a chance to savor every inch of his cock as it made its way inside her.

Rory opened her mouth to tell him just how good he felt, but she could only manage a moan. The large hands on her hips slid over her bottom and gently squeezed, using his hold to move her. Her hands fisted in the sheet as she enjoyed the feel of his thick, hard cock moving inside her.

Connor gave her bottom one last squeeze before reaching between their bodies and cupping her breasts, gently squeezing them in his hands as he ran his thumbs over her sensitive nipples. He traced her nipples with the pad of his thumbs, knowing just how much she liked it, causing her movements to become unsteady as he felt her shift beneath him and then-

“Oh, God…”

He was taking over, rolling his hips and slowly fucking her as she leaned over him, holding on tightly to the sheet as she was forced to break off the kiss and bury her face against his neck as he moved. He-

“You better not be doing what I think you’re doing!” came the outraged demand from the other side of their bedroom door, making Rory whimper against her husband’s neck.

“She’s calling tomorrow?” Connor asked, struggling to catch his breath.

“Mmhmm,” Rory muttered unhappily.

She felt Connor kiss the top of her head as he said, “She better bring the little bastard to his knees.”

“That’s the plan.”

New York Times Bestselling author, R.L. Mathewson was born in Massachusetts. She’s known for her humor, quick wit and ability to write relatable characters. She currently has several paranormal and contemporary romance series published including the Neighbor from Hell series.

Growing up, R.L. Mathewson was a painfully shy bookworm. After high school, she attended college, worked as a bellhop, fast food cook, and a museum worker until she decided to take an EMT course. Working as an EMT helped her get over her shyness as well as left her with some fond memories and some rather disturbing ones that from time to time show up in one of her books.

Today, R.L. Mathewson is the single mother of two children that keep her on her toes. She has a bit of a romance novel addiction as well as a major hot chocolate addiction and on a perfect day, she combines the two.

In 2019/2020, R.L. Mathewson will be publishing Devastated, the first Anger Management novel, Tall, Dark & Furious, the 6th installment to the Pyte/Sentinel series, Irresistible, the long anticipated novel for the Neighbor from Hell Series as well as many more books throughout the year, paranormals, contemporaries, and YAs.

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